Our famous cannoli shells are handmade.  Quick story about our cannoli's, I being an Italian and having grown up in North New Jersey/NYC have eaten cannoli's all my life, but I always thought "whats the big deal???"  The cream is good but the shells... yuck, they are usually dry, with no flavor and stale. Well ours were always bought at a bakery or store growing up and I'm guessing my Nonna (italian for grandma) didn't go to the best bakery, because the first time I ever made my own shell I tasted a huge difference!  Other shells are store bought and made in a factory and sometimes the cream is just whipped cream inside....our cream is made with only the purest of ingredients which includes the very finicky to find and purchase secret ingredient which took me two years to find.  Also our shells are made with another secret ingredient which i can't tell you what it is, but it is not water which is what our competitors use and  is why our cannoli shell's don't have the bumps.  I am very proud of these cannoli's it took me two years to perfect!  We have shipped our cannoli's all over the world and they have been a crowd pleaser everywhere.  You don't want to miss your chance to try the best cannoli in the world!!!!  Your cannoli kit will have 8 handmade shells and a 12.9oz bag of nonna's homemade cannoli cream which comes in a special insulated shipper to keep the cream cold. You also receive powdered sugar for dusting and chocolate chips for the ends.  This is a fun project for the whole family you won't want to miss out on!  It also makes a perfect gift for holidays for any foodie in your home!!

Cannoli kits are $29.99 +TAS + S+H per kit.


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