Half Tray Feeds: 8-10ppl

Full Tray Feeds: 18-20ppl

We do same day orders!!!  Call for details!

​We have 2 locations! Philadelphia, and York PA.


We offer free delivery with a $350 minn. order for Free Delivery. We supply all plastic utensils,  plates, cups, napkins and serving supplies!  Bread served with all orders!

Nonna's Italian Catering
37 W. Clarke ave York, PA 17401 US
Phone: 267-968-3800 -Website: www.nonnasitaliancatering.com



Nonna's Italian Catering LLC


Nonna's Italian Catering Philadelphia

310 S. 48th st.

Philadelphia, PA 19143







Danish and Muffins Platter

Assorted Danishes and Muffins

$74.99 feeds 20

Fresh Fruit Platter 

Assorted fruit platter, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, cantalope


Bagel Platter

Assorted bagels with creamcheese,butter and jellies


Yogurt, fruit and muffins

Variety of yogurts, fresh fruit, assorted muffins


Scrambled Eggs

Half $39.99 Full $69.99

Fried breakfast potatoes 

Half $39.99 Full$79.99

Scrambled eggs w/ potatoes and cheese 

Half $59.99  Full $89.99


Half $44.99 Full $84.99


Half $44.99 Full $84.99

Breakfast Burritos

Eggs with potatoes  w/ your choice of sausage or bacon topped with cheese wrapped in flour tortillas

 Half:$79.99 Full $124.99

Coffee Boxes

Reg,Decaf,Reg Hazelnut , Decaf Hazelnut

served with your choice of half & half, Whole Milk, or 2% Milk, sugar, sweet n low

$30.00 per box serves 10-12

​Boxed Lunches

Individually Packaged

Hoagie Boxed Lunch   

Each Box includes your choices of sandwich w/ lettuce and tomatoes chips and cookie $14.99

Choose Italian and Provolone, Ham and Cheese, Turkey and Cheese or Roast Beef and Provolone


Individually packaged (optional)

Tossed Salad
Romaine lettuce cherry tomatoes red onions and black olives comes with your choice of Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Balsamic, French, or Golden Italian

Half  $39.99 Full $64.99

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce with garlic buttery croutons and topped with shaved parmesan cheese comes with individual Caesar dressing packets

Half $49.99 Full $74.99

Caprese Salad
Sliced tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella  basil and balsamic glaze
Half $64.99 Full $119.99


Antipasto Platter

an array of kalamata olives, green and black olives, mozzarella cheese balls, provolone cheese, prosciutto mozzarella roll, marinated mushrooms, roasted peppers and Capicola,Prosciutto,Genoa Salami.  Perfect for any party or corporate event!

One size $119.99

Fresh Fruit Platter

Seasonal Fruit

$74.99 feeds 18 ppl

Cheese and Cracker Platter

European Cheeses Gouda,Fontina,Irish Cheddar, with crackers

$74.99 feeds 18 ppl

Crudite platter

Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, celery, peppers, radishes with a ranch dipping sauce $74.99 feeds 18 ppl

Fruit and Cheese platter

Variety of fruits grapes strawberries and mild and sharp cheddar cheeses on a platter

$74.99 feeds 18ppl


Assorted Sandwiches

An assortment of different sandwiches, Turkey, Ham, Roastbeef and italian sandwiches.  Receive sandwiches on a 18' platter. Comes with your choice of Italian pasta salad, Greek pasta salad or Chips. Serves up to 16 ppl

One size $119.99

Baked Ziti
Ziti pasta tossed with marinara sauce and ricotta cheese baked with mozzarella
Half $59.99 Full $119.99

Baked Ziti w/Meat Sauce
Ziti pasta tossed with meat sauce tossed with ricotta cheese mix topped with mozzarella cheese
Half $74.99 Full $124.99

Penne Alla Vodka

Penne pasta tossed in a creamy vodka sauce sprinkled with pecorino Romano cheese

Half $59.99 Full $114.99 Add Chicken for $15 per tray

Garlic and Oil Penne Pasta
Penne pasta with a garlic and oil sauce topped with brocolli and pecorino romano cheese.

Half $59.99 Full $114.99

Fettuccine Alfredo
Fettuccine pasta with a cheesy parmesan sauce
Half $59.99 Full $114.99 Add chicken for $15 more per tray

5 Cheese Penne Pasta

Penne pasta with marinara sauce mixed with 5 cheeses baked to perfection.

Half $59.99 Full $114.99

Cheese Lasagna
Lasagna noodles layered with ricotta cheese mix topped with mozzarella cheese
Half $59.99 Full $114.99

Meat Lasagna
Lasagna noodles layered with ricotta cheese mix ground beef topped with mozzarella cheese
Half $74.99 Full $129.99

Vegetable Lasagna
Lasagna noodles layered with ricotta cheese mix and vegetables with creamy Alfredo cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese
Half $74.99 Full $129.99

Tubed shaped pasta with a ricotta cheese mix, topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Half $59.99 Full $114.99  Add Meat Sauce $15 per tray

Eggplant Rollatini
Eggplant rolled up with ricotta cheese baked with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Half $59.99 Full $114.99

Chicken Piccata
Thin chicken breasts cooked with a lemon marinade
Half $74.99 $129.99

Chicken Parmesan
Thin sliced chicken breasts lightly breaded topped with fresh basil marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Half $74.99 Full $129.99

Chicken Marsala

Thinly sliced chicken breasts sauteed in a marsala mushroom sauce topped with parsley

Half $74.99 Full $129.99

Sausage and Peppers
Lightly browned sausage with bell peppers and onions Served with rolls
Half $74.99 Full $129.99

Homemade baked meatballs in homemade nonna's sauce
Half $74.99 Full $129.99

Roasted Chicken Thighs and Vegetables
Seasoned chicken thighs with carrots celery and roasted potatoes
Half $74.99 Full $129.99


Broccoli with Garlic Oil

Steamed Broccoli lightly tossed in garlic oil

Half $44.99 Full $79.99

Green Beans with Garlic Oil

Steamed green beans lightly tossed in garlic oil

Half $44.99 Full $79.99


Homemade Tiramisu:
Traditional creamy italian dessert
Our specialty here at Nonnas 2 layers of ladyfingers dipped in espresso, layered with a sweet marscarpone mouse and sprinkled with cacoa powder serves 16

One Size  $84.99  

Cannoli and Mini Tiramisu cup Platter

A platter filled with 15 Cannolis in the middle and 16 tiramisu cups around it. Serves 18-20 ppl

One Size $129.99

Cookie Platter:

Platter of Italian cookies and other special treats!

One size $74.99

A sicilian pastry dessert a homemade pastry tube  filled with a homemade blend of sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips. 
Half $74.99 Full $124.99


Cans 2.75 each

20oz Bottles 2.95 each

​2 liters 4.75 each

Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi,Sprite, Diet Sprite, Water,     7-up, Diet 7-up.

Bag of Ice:

8lb: $7.99 20lb: $19.99

Uniformed Servers: 

We offer friendly and knowledgeable uniformed servers.

4hr minn. $35.00 per hr. per server. 

Upgrade to Plastic Plates and rolled utensils

$3.50 per person

​We are open 24hrs a day 7 days a week!!!!