Kayla: Philadelphia. PA posted 1/20/19 per ezcater.com Good quality food for a fair price.  One of our new favorites!

Zane: Philadelphia, PA Posted 10/20/18 per ezcater.com Great Italian food in Philly. I would definitely order again​​

Kristine King Events:  Posted 10/11/16 per facebook

​I really enjoyed working with you at Elizabeth and Kyle's wedding!  Your food was absolutely delicious and a huge hit.  The guests were all raving about how great it was and how friendly your staff were.  I also wanted to note that your staff went above and beyond after the reception ended to help us clean up the tent.  There were over 500 candles and rose petals on the tables and few of the guys stayed late to help clear everything off.  They worked so hard and did it with a smile on their face.  Their generosity did not go unnoticed.  I look forward to working with Nonna's Italian Catering again.

Tiffany: York, PA- Posted 5/27/16 per facebook

The food and service were amazing and we had a blast.  Everyone kept saying how great the food was.  We really enjoyed your presence too, you were so fun to be around and we couldn't have asked for a better caterer for our wedding.  Thank you so much!

Maureen: Ephrata, PA- Posted 02/14/16 per ezcater.com

Great! The salad was a huge hit here and the hot food stayed warm in the chafing dishes.


Jeffrey:  ​Camp Hill PA- Posted 12/01/15 per ezcater.com

​​The office really enjoyed the food. This was the first time they had Nonna's and will order from them again.

Shawna: Middletown, PA - Posted Mon 9/29/14 per ezcater.com

I cannot say enough good things about this caterer.  My husbands dear friend co-worker was killed at work- and the best gift is comfort food.  Nonna's worked with me down to the very last detail to have comfort food delivered to the house the very next day at lunch time.  Worth every single penny, especially because the woman I coordinated it with at Nonna's could not be more kind and loving if she tried.

SM: Carlisle, PA - Posted Thu 9/25/14 per ezcater.com

 Really good food, nice set up. Food stayed hot with sternos.

Lex Crochets: York, PA- Posted 9/2/14 per google, wedding.com,weddingwire.com yelp

Nonna's catered my wedding, and I couldn't have asked for a bettercaterer.  The staff was amazing and the food was phenomenal to say the least. And I couldn't have beaten the price.  Coming from one Italian to another, theziti was to die for.

abc123:  Harrisburg, PA - Posted Tue 06/05/14 per ezcater.com

Nonna's was great. On time and the food was wonderful.

Jeffrey: Lancaster, PA - Posted Thu 7/31/14 per ezcater.com

The office enjoyed the food.  They aren't cheap at all with their ingredients.

Kate: Ephrata, PA - Posted Thu 7/17/14 per ezcater.com

Overall a good lunch.  Office staff really appreciated the hot buffet lunch.

Kevin:  Milford Mill, MD - Posted  Thu 4/03/14 per ezcater.com

Great food, people really enjoyed the Chicken Parmesan...arrived on time.

Laurie:  Camp Hill, PA - Posted 03/25/14 per ezcater.com

Best catering service around! Guys loved the food